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May 23, 2007



I found your blog and flickr photos by chance and I loooooove your work. Beautiful. I am eyeing that bag on eBay and I love your technique with quilting.


Wish you lived nearer me so I could take a peek in your new mags, they look wonderful. I think I would love the Marie Claire the best. Might go over to our newsagent on my bike and see whats around this week, we probably won't have them for months downunder. Your newest bag is a lovely shape, I especially love the straps. The quilt you made for Olivia is gorgeous, my Olivia would love it. Today I'm cutting out 2 blocks for her sampler quilt she is making for a School House class she is attending. She will do the piecing when she returns from school today.


Get down with your quilting self! I share your magazine addiction. I think I have all of those except MCI, in addition to about 150 others, including the new Somerset Living. It's a sickness, I tell ya.

Rachel S.

Great magazine recommendations.
Simple Korean recipes? Sound good-n-yummy to me!
Lovely handiwork on the bag and quilt!

tammy g.

I just found your blog tonight & immediately loved your banner (is it called that?)! Your bags are awesome - love your choice of colors/patterns...this blog world is killing me - I want to buy everything I see! Oh, lottery!
BTW, I ADORE robin's egg blue! And, we always have pink lemonade in our fridge. :)


I love magazines too. Your selection looks great. Love your bags too.


Do you know who the bird fabric is by? It's really cute.

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