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May 19, 2007



Love the new clutch. And the skirt. And the kitty! (But you can't sell kitty on Ebay.) ;-)


I just commented. Or I thought I did but my comment isn't showing up. So I'll just comment again. :)

The patchwork is lovely and that picture "one of these things is not like the others" hee hee hee!


Great job on the wristlet and the skirt. You need to stop making such cute stuff, Lisa! I gotta have it all, ya know! LOL! Love your silly kitty!


Love your stash! What a shop!

Niesz Vintage Home

Love the skirt! Too cute.

And the little wristlet is great. I have one that I use all the time.
Sometimes by itself and other times it goes in a larger bag.


I am so overwhelmed by your amazingly beautiful creations! I have been teaching and writing patterns for ten years and have a long way to go to do anything as gorgeous as you are doing! Keep up your beautiful work. Maybe you should be writing patterns?

Rachel S.

beautiful skirt!
Violet found her way between two of my favorite bags so far. =)


Beautiful handbags, love the clutch and that cat is something else.


Your quilts & totes are wonderful!

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