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May 29, 2007



She's really cute - congratulations!

Have you seen Hilary's Pointy Kitty pattern? http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/store/pointykitty.html I found this very easy to make and it turned out great :)


Wow, cute, cute, cute a verysuccessful first attempt!!!


Lisa, you know you can just pop her in an envelope and send her to me -- I'd be happy to adopt her and any others like her! ;)


Love the kitty Lisa, how tall is she? I used to make miniatue bears that are all less than 3" and I know what you mean about surgical instruments. I actually do have a pair of artery clamps to hold little things while turning them inside out and also an embossing tool with a round ball end is great to slip paws onto to encourage them to turn. There is also a very useful stuffing and turning fork for minis which is fantastic for placing small bits of stuffing into the right place. Don't give up, kitty needs friends, they are very cute and as you say useless but we love them. Lisa x


wow she is so gorgeous as is all your work, I have just discovered your blog, it's so lovely! I will be back again often :-)

Rachel S.

Very cute, very sweet...yes very tiny but sooooo adorable!
To make others smile is a good purpose. =) Thanks!


I just bought two Japanese pattern books and I am nervous because I really can't understand a thing in them! But the kitty turned out very sweet!


Oh, I can entirely relate -- I sit here now, looking at the started-but-not-finished hamster I've been working on from a Japanese craft magazine...I have GOT to finish the poor little thing! I think, actually, that they are designed to be that small -- you've done a lovely job and I agree with the others who think kitty now needs some friends ;-)


oh, cute indeed!

tammy g.

omigosh...i want to make a wee kitty now, too! a-dorable! what is the book called in English, or does it even have one?


I can help you with the instruction written in Japanese! I am a Japanese and also a crafter/quilter. Scan the page(s) then Email me, and I can translate it for ya :D

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