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July 13, 2007



so glad i found your blog!
i've been an ebay fan for some time!!


Your pie looks fabulous! And I love the colors in your wristlet.


Mmm, I love pie. I wish I had that for supper.
Do you like using vintage zippers? I have a whole bunch of them that I've shied away from using. Maybe I should start using them.


Yummy! I don't think it's ever wrong to have dessert for dinner. And it *is* fruit, so that means it's healthy. :)


No! It is not wrong to eat pie for dinner. It has atleast a food group or two. The wrislet is darling!


Pie for dinner cannot be any worse than cake fore breakfast, can it?

I am tagging you to list 8 facts/habits about yourself and to then tag 8 others. If you're game, great, and if not then no harm done. have fun!


It is NOT wrong to eat pie for dinner. ;-) And consider this clamoring...would love to see that recipe. The wristlet is really cute!


Love the new wristlet--the fabrics are so charming! Nice with the old zipper added--adds that little "extra". Pie for dinner--why not?! It's summer after all, and summer is meant for bending the usual rule and indulging in pleasure, isn't it?!

Charlene Teo

Love your wristlet!

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