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August 08, 2007


Kristin Baxter

The quilt is absolutely adorable!


Hi Lisa, THIS QUILT SET IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! You are giving me new ideas for decorating my baby's room!


Oh how I wish Zoe was still in that bib wearin' stage...ok not really, but I do love that quilt and bib!


The baby line is absolutely sweet. Great job!!


You have something great here.
Really cute stuff ~ Congrats!


Lisa, stop making such cute stuff! LOL! I need to save at least a couple dollars for my trip to Chicago!


Adorable! Simply adorable! I LOVE the scalloped edges and the little birdie too. Great work!

Rachel S.

Your designs are wonderful and a belated congratulations on your 1st place bag! It is well deserved!


Isn't baby stuff so much fun to sew? It's just the right size. Not surprisingly, your set looks adorable. Kudos on the scalloped edges; I'm going to have to stock up on patience before attempting that one!


I made some bibs and that blanket from Amy's book for a shower gift recently, they are so fun to make. I agree about the scallops, they were a little tough, but worth it. I love your fabric combos and that little bird is the sweetest!


wonderful. The scalloped edges and the applique are so pretty and sweet.

Sandi Henderson

Oh MY goodness..YOU - ARE - KILLING - ME! That is just adorable.



Your designs are Great!! the colours, combinations are simply splendid!! I am so inspired!!


I love your blog!!!


omgosh this is the cutest thing ever!! that birdie is perfection!!


You have been a busy bee! Lovely. I need to try the scalloped edges.


I just love all the fabrics you've been using for your wristlets! And the new baby things? Adorable!


I think that's about the cutest baby set I've ever seen! And a Baby line--fab idea! Just wonderful work, Lisa, as always you are a wonder! Btw, will you be making any of these blankies for grown up girls? ;o) The wristlets are delicious! Love the birdie one especially. Can't wait to see what you dish up next for us--tee-hee! :o)


How cute! I really do enjoy making baby items, which reminds me, I need to get busy! There are lots of babies being born that need gifts in the next few months ;-)


Loving the quilt! Please don't make me do scallops!!!!


Absolutely precious!! I love it! I have that book on hold at the library and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!


So sweet! Love the applique and the polka dots on the baby set and the lovely florals on the wristlets you sewed. Very pretty.


omg, this is so sweet I can't stand it. Any expecting mom would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful gift....Job well done!!!


I'm agree with all, the quilt is amazing, adorable colors and the bird is absolutely cute, congratulations, we are in love with it.

Chelsea D.

Congrats! I love the set-especially the bird!!

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