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August 15, 2007


melissa deakin

welcome back!
so happy you had a wonderful time, lisa.
that is such a gorgeous photo!


Do they call it a lake or a pond? We once stayed in our friends camp on a "pond." That was no pond - it was huge! :) Glad you had a good time!


Anthony Bordaine is hilarious, I didn't know he wrote as well. Hope yo enjoyed your holiday, I know I need one on a nice summery lake.


i hope you had a MORE than wonderful time! and i *just* walked in from talking to the postman...and he handed me a little white package. i love it! thank you, again!! :) now i just have to get you to SCRAP that photo! hahahaha :0)


Welome home...glad you had a grand time. Beautiful photo! Can see why you love it there. But can also understand your need to get back to needles, pins and sewing ;o) Happy Day :o)


Welcome home! I was wondering when you would be back. . .check out my treasures~~did you find any? Aren't the shops great in Maine???



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