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September 07, 2007



I would definitely buy one of your new linen and patchwork bags. I love the clean, un-embellished look. But, I'd also buy one of the other bags too! I envy those lucky Craft Fair goers.

j. caroline

Love your bags and good luck with your craft show. I copied your linen concept, but gave you full credit! Check it out here: http://jcaroline.typepad.com/jcaroline/2007/08/inspired-by.html
Were your ears burning?


OMG they are gorgeous! I am so excited for you!! Good luck and HAVE FUN!


Girl, these are gorgeous! Leave 'em be: the beautiful variety of prints is the "more". Personally, I'm disgusted because these are so much better than the (similar) fall bag I made myself last year, and planned to revamp this season. hmpf ;) Really - if these aren't a hit, it's not because of the product!!


I adore the first linen bag with the purple's... I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat! ..and what a sweetie your little one is. :) ~Angie - pretty*me


I love the bags in the second photo with the linen and stripe of colour. Don't change them. I'd buy one if I was anywhere near the craft fair.


Ok, I'm conflicted. I hope you have a great turnout for the craft show but I'm also hoping for some leftovers for us online shoppers!
I thought the totes in the last post were wonderful (and they are) but those linen totes - oh my. They are perfect, don't you dare change a thing. : )

ps. cute little sprite there!


I love the bags you are making - good luck at the craft fair.


You are totally amazing. I LOVE the bags!


Lovely! Just stunningly lovely! Darling girlie!


I love the Linen & Patchwork bag and waiting for its appearance in etsy. btw- I am loving & using the wristlet I purchased from your etsy.


So first of all . . . I would trudge through snow if it meant getting to your purses!!! :) Secondly, I really like the linen purses. Simple and crisp. A beautiful design!


Okay, and I really want one of those patchwork purses with the Freshcut fabric on it!!! I hope that there are left overs! :) Well, for your internet fan's sake! LOL!


Oh good luck my friend! I love seeing all of your beautiful designs lined up. I know you will be amazing and take the craft show world by storm. I will stay posted!:)

Beth H

These are beautiful bags!! I love the plain linen...I guess it will make your booth more diverse for the somewhat conservative crowd that wants just a wee bit of flare.


These are beautiful!! And so are the tags you made on the post below!! I am such a sucker for cute packaging so they are right up my alley. Good luck on the craft fair!


Your daughter is beautiful and that's such a sweet photo of her. I agree with everyone - don't change your bags! Good luck!!!


I think the backs look great just the way they are. Less is more. :)

Junk 2 Jewels

Oh my goodness those are all georgeous! Here's to selling lots and lots and lots!! Tracy


Oh Livvy you beautiful muse. . .I am so glad Mommy insisted on the White Tent!! hee hee


You do such amazing work. Do you even sleep? I wish I could be there to shop. Or maybe not because I might go a little nuts. You will do fabulous! Kerry


Man oh man, I wish I had your eye for color ... and your attention to detail. All beautiful, again. Love the linen bags.

The sprite ... what a princess!


Love the pics of all your bags, very inspiring to get some more made myself.


I AM SILLY!!! leave a plain one for me! LOL that's what i love about them!! i'm sending you endurance and nimble finger vibes!! hope you're doing well. :)


Lisa I just LOVE your purses!!! Sounds like you have been BUSY BUSY.


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