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October 16, 2007



It sounds like a wonderful trip.
I've found that when we leave the boys for a few days (jeez, I can't even remember the last time) I worry more about missing them and worrying about them before the trip than I actually do during the trip. If that makes any sense.
Bon Voyage!

Meg Jewell

Tres bien post, tres chic et ooo-la la what a scarf!


the scarf. love it. that craft mag. love it. I am going to get a copy, I have never seen it and I can tell I am missing out! I know what you mean about going and buying the copy off the news stand. I do the same. Maybe it is a mommy thing.
Have a great trip, I think you will have a blast!


First, Gorgeous Scarf. Second, I'd like to extend an early welcome to Sacramento...where I'm a stay at home mamma who crafts.
Funny, San Francisco is our getaway place too..but for us it's a bit closer. Is it crazy that I live here and have never been to Chez Panisse? Although, I do have the cookbook. Have a divine time!



Tres bien! Marie Claire Idees is that good, eh? I've never seen one in person.


I miss SF. Seriously,, it's been too long. Say hi to the sea lions.


Your trip sounds wonderful! Take lots of pics so we can sate our wanderlust. :-)


Mon dieu! Well, that's just an embarrassment of riches: a new M.C. Idees, a trip to SF, *and* the prospect of eating at Chez Panisse. Sacre bleu! [I think I'm out of French exclamations now.] Very exciting stuff; I can't wait to hear a full report. :)


Lucky girl! Have fun and bring home lots of goodies!


I love the scarf (and the other ones you've been making). So much inspiration! Also, that magazine looks amazing. I'm going to have to seek it out!


Wowzers, you're coming out my way! I heart Chez Panisse, too, mademoiselle! :)) It's in my old back yard! :) I need to go, too! A MUST! Love the scarf! You should make yourself one to adore you own neck on your trip out West! It's getting chilly here, too! I just got back from the Napa Valley and let me tell you about abundant fall colours!

Queen Bee

The scarf is gorgeous :) Hope you enjoy your trip


Ooooo la la! Le belle Papillon! C'est magnifique! And thus I exhaust nearly all of my French, save the ballet-related terms. LOL!


Me! Me! Me! I NEED a beautiful craft magazine. I knew when I moved to the boonies I would have to make some sacrafices. But when I went to an arts and crafts fair last weekend and the most interesting things for sale were Redneck Windchimes made out of Coke cans, and a PVC blowpipe for shooting mini marshmallows for the dog to chase, I realized I may have moved too far out! I need some beauty and creativity in my life!! And a bookstore in which to drool on the craft books. A shameless plea, I know...forgive me!


love your stuff...have a great time in San Fran!


A giveaway of Idees!! I'm TOTALLY up for it!!!!

Enjoy your trip, time away together from 'real life' is so nice!!


Have a great time in SF. As a local just an FYI, Kinokuniya book store in the Japantown mall is being renovated. It's still open, but on two different floors. The craft books are harder to browse due to space limitations. Only the spins are showing.


As always, I love your stuff. I'd love a copy of a magazine.


oh la la...I love that scarf! And I adore San Francisco. Wishing you a very happy getaway!


I've never heard of that magazine. It looks awesome!


I had to come out of lurking--I have never been able to find a copy of Marie Claire Idees, so it would be great to get my hands on one!

Tres chic scarf (just like everything on this blog)!


How wonderful for you to get time alone on vacation with your hubby, I still haven't managed to pull that one off yet, it's been almost 7 years for me....hopefully soon, I'm ready! Have fun on your trip!


love, love, love your stuff and mesh of patterns!! enjoy your trip!!

lorraine scott

love your blog and your gorgeous bags
love to go to california done florida and new york so far
bon voyage


Oh, I adore that magazine. It seems to be elusive around here though! Have a great trip!

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