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October 30, 2007



that fabric is beautiful!! The bag is darling- definitly full of more classiness with the French name... LOL

Sorry about your technical troubles!


I'm loving that fabulous fabric and the new fleur bag. So chic! :o)
I used to be on the receiving end of tech support and I dreaded every call. I'm soooo glad that's not my job anymore. :oP


Oh my goodness! I love that fabric! You are a baaaaad influence, Lisa! LOL! The new bag ain't too shabby, either. :)


Sassy bag (of course!)

I'm debating using some of that Floragraphix fabric in my laundry room for a window treatment. Talk about trying to add some class. ;) It will be weeks before I can come to a decision of some sort, I'm sure.

Good luck with the tech issues. I'm totally with you on the whole phone assistance thing; these issues get foisted onto my husband promptly.


I adore the bag! Stick with the french theme, you are right it does add a classy edge to things. :)

Amanda K

Loving that bag!


I love that bag and the fabric is gorgeous, don't think I have seen anything like it in OZ.


GO RED SOX!!! So happy for them again!
Living on the west coast but grew up in NE as well.
Love the new bag. :-)


WoW! Amazinf fabric! I love your bag ,too!


Eye candy fabric...and just adore the new bag--super fabric and great shape. Sorry about the pc woes...Hope you're up and running well again. ((HUGS))


i am married to a new englander!! from Boston,Mass to boot!! that was some great bastball/football!!
you new bag is fab!!!!


Maybe it's your influence or maybe it was my little trip to New Orleans, but I've been feeling frenchy lately too. I love the new bag.


I think you have brain fuzz from lack of sleep due to aforementioned RED SOX & PATRIOTS!!! WAAAHOOOOO!
We too are feeling the after effects, kind of like an earthquake but in a good way!!! sorry about the techno issues but as you know I so sadly cannot help~~unless you want to go out for breakfast??!!


I love the shape of your new purse!


Gorgeous purse and fabric! I agree with the classiness of the French names, and I HATE having to deal with technical difficulties. I hope you get your computer fixed soon. You have no idea how much you depend on it until you don't have it!


I have visited your blog a few times and just love your purses!!
The newest one is beautiful, I love that fabric!


Wow what beautiful fabric. Loving the bag and it's classy name! I too have had a week of technical difficulties - I hate it!!

Niesz Vintage Home

Yes, I like that fabric, too. Its very "artsy".

Very cute bag!
Sorry about your computer-related problems. I've almost taken a hammer to mine this week. grrrrr



Hiya! I tagged you for a fun meme: http://mymsie.wordpress.com/2007/11/01/im-it/


And my team, the Green Bay Packers aren't doing too badly either. Only one loss... and Brett Farve is HOT this year. So... watch out!!

Love the purse and also the new fabric.
Joni (from Green Bay)

Sugarshop (Dena Berg)

Oooh great fabric. the bag's ok too. Just kidding, thought you might be tired of me gushing over each bag. lol. It really is a great one. Sassy and classy. This would be perfect with a little black dress! ;)


Go Red Sox!! Go Patriots!!!!

I am from New England, and I totally understand...


LOVE that new purse. you are an amazing purse maker. wow.

good luck with your technical difficulties. I hate those.


Lovely, lovely! I'm glad you've taken off the red pumps and got back to work. Humph - slacker.

Charlene Teo

hugs to you on your laptop! I can totally understand as mine is giving me lots of trouble now too! Arghhh... feel better soon!

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