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November 19, 2007



It looks so cozy & peaceful and I love the curtains.


It looks so cozy & peaceful and I love the curtains.


georgous Lisa! it looks amazing!


oh. my. word. It is faboolus (sorry, lines from "the nutty professor" come to my mind at odd times)!!! i can't believe that you feel you don't have the knack for decorating. Girl, PLEASE! Keep going and be sure to keep us updated.


It looks wonderful!


The room looks phenomenal! The curtains absolutely make it. Awesome job.


The furniture turned out great! The whole room looks fab!
My house is in a constant state of re-decorating becuase once you've done one room, the rest are begging to be done too :-)


Wow~~it looks beautiful! The fabric for your curtains is right up my alley! Great Job~~you can always add the chandelier when you find the perfect one!

Carrie S.

That wall color is amazing! Really beautiful. The whole room looks great - you did a wonderful job with the furniture (painting) too. Oh, inspiration! My bedroom needs a makeover!


Your room turned out great! I just showed the wall color to my husband and he likes it, too. Your furniture turned out so well! You must have been working really hard.


Even more gorgeous than I imagined! Looks like A LOT of hard work. Can I come over and take a nap in there?


absolutely beautiful! nice nice job.

Special K

Gorgeous! I love before and after pics! That paint really updated your furniture. Cool!


Wonderful! The curtains are almost exactly what I thought of when you mentioned in the last post that you were looking for some ... so pretty.


You did a great job. I love the curtains.


this looks great!
oh, please do another decoration project...
I'm waiting here with a cup of tea!


The curtains are awesome...the right print and punch of color! Simple and lovely. I love the picture your daughter drew too.


Very nice! Boy, when you get an idea in your mind, you go with it!


Love the bedroom painting the walls that color gives it such a warm feeling I also love the curtains


Wow! I love the simplicity of the bed.


It looks beautiful! You must never want to get out of bed now.


Beautiful room, Lisa!


Pretty pretty pretty!! It gives me such high hopes for my own room, so thank you. :) And it's true: the minute you improve one section, the rest becomes almost intolerably dull by comparison. But hey, we'll have such showplaces eventually, right?!

Niesz Vintage Home

Love the painted furniture and the drapery fabric is gorgeous.

Laura Ashley for less than 2.50 a yard? What a steal!
Great job!
Kimberly :)


I've admired your bags and now I'm admiring your room redo but what I really wanted to comment on is the little portrait that your daughter drew....that is fabulous for a three year old! My now four year old's drawn people at three needed to be described to me as such cuz I'd have never known what they were!

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