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December 03, 2007



I can't fit into a 4P but I did want to say those bags are gorgeous!!


I love those bags! that is my favorite style of yours yet! (and of ocurse they are all great!)

Giabella Designs

Oh to ever have fit into a 4p! great bags!

Lisa Lam

Ohhh love those new bags. The over-sized tab is such a yummy feature.

PS: I have a thing about bloke's arms too. LOL



Being 5'8" I've never been close to a petite. My mother cried on my 11th birthday when I passed her in height. The bags are beautiful! Tall women look great with big floral bags!


gorgeous floral bags!


That's such a cute dress. I can sometimes wear a 4, but I'm too tall for a petite. The bags are lovely!


Fab bags--great fabric pairings and love the contrast bias! Happy Days ((HUGS))

melissa deakin

that is such a beautiful dress...which it was my size.
those new bags are to die for, lisa!
i LOVE the design!


The dress is lovely but not my size. Matter-of-fact I don't think I was that small in Kindergarten.

I love the purses. They are beautiful!! Is the pattern original or "where can I get a pattern?"

Check my blog from yesterday to see what I did with one of my purses.


You tiny little thing!


Darn it!! You just had to be a tiny person . . . didn't you!!!? :) I wish that I could fit into that size. I think that I was 10 when I did!! :)

Cute bags!


Lisa- I WISH I could fit in that!!! Dang cute bags!


girl, i LOVE the bags! they are absolutely GORGEOUS!! and can you believe it...i'm a 4 :) and i looooove that dress :) email me! LOL :0)


I would love that dress! How much do you want for it?


Hey, I think I was drooling over that dress last week at our new mall. They had a bunch of beautiful holiday-wear.

I love that bag design. It looks dainty but substantial.


Those bags are so prettu- very elegant!

Monica H

Yepp, love those roses!

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