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December 19, 2007


SugarShop (Dena Rooney-Berg)

Wait...is it wrong to put sewing before cleaning? Please don't burst my bubble and tell me that it is. You seriously gotta love a man who wants to build an igloo! I bet Olivia thinks he's pretty cool too. Great job on the stitching Olivia, you rock like your mom!


Oh my goodness! That doodle stitching is great! I LOVE the colors. Very artsy indeed! I'm glad I'm not alone in the everything vs. sewing bit! Later!


oh.my.goodness....not envious of the shoveling....good way to stay in shape, though....lovely bags/purses and embroidery with Olivia! My girlie is into that, too....her's turned out super cute!


OMG you brought back memories from my days of growing up in Missouri during the snow filled winters. LOL!!!! Maybe I'll take back what I said about sending some my way. LOL!!!
I love that cocktail bag you made. ADORABLE!!!! Cute stitchery your daughter made too by the way.


I thought you had been awfully productive over the past week. The truth is you were just snowbound! I like the snow and think it's very pretty but I don't know if I'd enjoy actually living in all that. Sorry about your new coat.


Ok, I have to say this was your most engaging post since you put into ever so eloquent words what we too have experienced over the last few days. . .if it is any consolation, we shoveled & salted and still have the ruts & big mound at the street~~I think our mailman hates us!!
To imagine you were able to sew those beautiful bags amidst it all is boggling my mind. . .I guess I was cleaning while you artists take advantage of the beauty to work your magic!! I'm jealous!1


If it makes you feel any better, our main road outside our house is the county line, neither county will claim it, so it's just a snow-packed mess right now. Still.

Your girl's stitching looks great!


I just love the snow pics. I guess those of us who live "down under" and don't experience snow in our own yards probably find the idea somewhat enchanting!! We really don't even get extended wet times here either. Just recently we had quite a few days of soft damp weather and even that drove me crazy with wet shoes etc. and all the bits getting tramped into the house!! I think you have the right idea to sit tight and stitch the winter away!!

crafty jeff

now that i've taken the time to read this entry more thoroughly, you're new name is lisa sedaris. i feel for your poor husband trying to please you by shoveling the driveway and his daughter by building an igloo and running out of energy to build his jessica simpson snow sculpture.


I'm with you 100% on the snow thing. Great for the first hour and then I'd like it to leave!
I am so impressed with your daughter's skills already! She takes after her talented mama!


as i sit and sweat in Australia i can only feel envious of the white fluffy stuff...... love the embroidery what a wonderful job you 2 did happy days Margie


Hmmm I think I would rather sit and sweat down here thanks. All a bit too soggy and cold for me. Your husband makes me laugh though! I love your girl's embroidery - fantastic job! And those bags!!!! I have just made a cushion today in that green asian floral and now I just have to use it to make a bag for my sister in law. Such beautiful inspiration - your bags truly are works of art.


Looks like fun of all sorts there. Love O's stitching...Following in her clever momma's footsteps. ;o) LOVE all the new bags--terrific designs and fabrics as always. We've not had much real snow yet, and I'm glad...for it will come soon enough! I'm not a snow or winter person, so I'm ok with no white Xmas. Happy Holidays to you & yours, peace and many blessings in the New Year ((HUGS))


We had multiple back to back blizzards last year, and I can safely say I will never ever view a snowstorm through rose colored glasses ever again. I'm with ya, sister.

Meanwhile, LOVE your daughter's project. And the purse, too, as always!


LOVELY bags, as usual. and your daughter's embroidery is wonderful. I like how you framed it. so sweet.

btw...what is wrong with leftover chinese food??? ;)


I love Olivia's embroidery!! I bought the book but as usual I haven't done a single project yet.


HAHAHA!!!!!! That was an awesome post. What's more fun than grousing? Nothing.


I ADORE those bags. I hope they hang around till I get my Christmas money! :)


I NEVER complain about our summers....and I never will now LOL. The igloo is fab and so is the embroidery.... :)


love the doodle stitches, and the bags! with ya on the shoveling thing. we actually just purchased a skid loader. otherwise, if it weren't for our fabulous neighbors, we would be snow in until spring! :)



yup it's only a matter of priorities...

great igloo. Can you believe that the winter I was in RI we got only a small powdering of snow?

Richie Ann

I just bought my first bag from you and I just have to say how much I am totally in love with it. I've received so many compliments and I swear every stitch is absolutely perfect. I linked you to my blog today and I hope you sell a million bags! Thanks so much!


I wish you a great 2008 full of good surprises!


Cute projects! Love your handbags and the fabrics you chose. I also love to see kids being so creative too.

Happy new year! I look forward to visiting in the 2008.


Those are beautiful new bags!
Look at all of that snow!
Happy New Year!

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