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January 28, 2008



cute indeed!that little cactus is killin me!


Thanks so much for the feature on your blog (blog love...I love that term :) -- the cacti thank you too! hehe


That cactus stole my heart!!


I'm excited to see the photos from your trip! The cactus is so cute and I really like the pendants too. I'm off to check out her store. Thanks for the lead.


What CUTE earrings!!


I love those earrings!


I love those earrings! Darling!

ellen Crimi-Trent

hey to another New England gal, love the cactus, and right now trying not to cry over the Pats but came across your blog.

I have begun to create my own little stuf guys and maybe in the future sell them on etsy. Right now I have to concentrate on the real work.


carol Eldridge


what happened to those Patriots...Poor Tom..spent most of the game on the ground...shame on his offensive line...I think we live near each other...I am in Marblehead...are you in Mass as well? I am a designer who paints and develops products for manufacturers. stop by and say hello!


SugarShop (Dena Berg)

That cactus is too dern cute!!!

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Pincushion is really so cute.

Karen Greene

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