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May 01, 2008



I've been wondering what you've been up to these days -- what a pretty room!!


It was William Morris who said that.
Great stuff.


Great room. I love the color... it seems relaxing yet bright and cheerful!


It all looks very elegant - especially those beautiful walls!


Beautiful as usual.. What was your painting technique on the furniture? I about to delve into a lot of painting this summer and I am shaking in my boots.

Deana's Sew Crafty!

I love that painting technique! It looks great! And beautiful bags, as usual!


Your bags rock. High heels scare me.


I love you handbag styles. Do you make your own patterns?

M (Tales From an OC Cottage)

Who cares about any of it when you have those shoes!!!!!!!!!! So cute!!



I saw the striped walls in a decor magazine years ago as well! And I love it. I've always wanted to do this to my house and I can see it looks so great. It seems like it would be easy as well so that's exciting.

I've been going back to one of your bags for a couple of days now - I need a new purse and just can't decide. LOL


I love the chocolate and mint living room! And, look at those cute toes!

I really, REALLY need to implement your mantra. I have half the number of rooms you have, and I'm swimming, SWIMMING in things. Mainly, I can't get my bedroom together-- clothes everywhere, like a TWEEN. I wish I could file the rags I call clothes in a file cabinet.

Aside from that-- the garden over here is getting GORGEOUS. Come grab a whole bunch of lilacs, anytime!


I need to do the same thing I also see a yard sale in the near furture my basment is full.

Your living room looks great I love the color on the wall and where did you get your shoes LOVE THEM


Love the bags and the shoes! You have little feet right? Where do you get your shoes...I'm about a 5 or 5 1/2. The walls in your living room are really cool too. Great work!


Okay, maybe not mint green-- it's hard to tell without being there, but I love mint and chocolate- you know, those Andes candies. . . mmmmm!

Yeah, I have become a bit of a farmer, going outside at the crack of dawn, staring at dirt, eyeballing the little shoots trying to break free of the ground. But it's going to be worth it-- by Bastille day we'll have tons of herbs, and beans, pears, tomatoes, strawberries and grapes! I'm going to make try to make wine this year!


Wow! What a great painting idea! You are inspiring me, can you pass a little bit of that redecorating bug my way . . . :)

Zia Meadows

lovely room and great bags- mantra by William Morris, in case no-one has mentioned it yet so its a lot to live up to!


Love the stripes. I've always wanted to do that in my house.


Beautiful color, beautiful curtains, beautiful bags and beautiful shoes!! You HAVE been busy, haven't you?!


I love all of it. You did an awesome job with your living room - I love the walls!

But imo, the shoes are the best! Where did you get them???


Ooooo~la~la Li~Li!
We have to have some girl scout cookies & mint juleps in that lovely room you've made!!!!!
Can't wait to see it!
Make sure you visit my blog~~a little springtime memory of us long ago!



Love that color!


I love the couch. Love it. And the tiffany blue walls so pretty. Shoes - priceless. The bags are amazing, though. Really.


Love the wall color and the stripes! The room looks great. And of course, love the shoes!!


The paint looks so great, I love the colors, love the stripes. Those bags are great! You always make such beautiful bags.


very gorgeous indeed...and i love the yellow sandals! :)

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