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October 20, 2008



How about "PLB at home"? ;)


Thanks so much for linking to my blog & work! So so nice of you!! Oh and I'm in love with every single one of those bags!


OK, I totally get the feeling of wanting to do something a little different. I was cruising along loving the pictures of the quilts and the links. Your pillow is great. But then I was stopped cold by that first bag. Oh my gosh! There is a reason you are making bags, honey. :-)

I love the idea of a line of things for the home, though. What about PinkLemonade @ Home? Or PLBoutique @ Home? They would be a little shorter maybe...

Jen Borley

Can I just say, "WOW!"??? Your bags are fantastic! You could surely venture into marketing quilts as well:)

Rebecca Wicks

don't even think about stopping! I've been admiring them from afar and someday when I'm not carrying diapers, wipes and more I think I could actually use one!


I think a PLB Home line would be awesome!!


You really wow me with those bags. That little laced up number with the ribbon.. AMAZING.


And I could enlessly gaze at your purses. The designs are so clever and I can never get a similar feeling in mine. Cherrie


I'm sure you get this all the time, but your stitching is just beautiful. Just so clean. Love it.


These bags are spectacular! I have always admired your eclectic mix of fabrics -- now I can't wait to see what you come up with for a new quilt.

Oh the suspense!


Thanks for the compliments! You are so sweet. You know how much I LOVE your bags! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
Maybe we'll have to do a trade someday. :)


Your handbags are amazing I love the colors you use to made it, they're so brilliant, and full of life!
And of course your log cabin pillow too! Do you made handquilting or is machinequilting? It looks gorgeous.



Your handbags are so freaking pretty.... I love all the colors you use it's so happy....

Lisa from celebrate CREATIVITY

I love all the pretty projects. Everything is so colorful and the quilted projects are especially awesome.

Nice browsing. Have great week!


Ok, Lisa. You MUST start selling those pillows in your shop. That's right, you have to. They are too awesome not to!!!!


I have read through your comments and really they say it all and more. Whatever you do will be fantastic! Jen

Hannah Shaw

You know I have been feeling the need to quilt lately too! I love the pillow, absolutely adorable! And your purses are gorgeous as always! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos!


My heart skipped a beat as I read your title and thought it said "quit" and I thought oh no, you can't quit you're churning out too many pretty things. Relieved when I reread it, quilt, ahh, that's good! Love your pillow and as always your wonderful bags!


lisa, your pillow is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! a home decor line is definitely in order, you would make a killing, you have such an amazing eye for color and pattern, can not wait to see more!


I have those days, too. I was so busy sewing for others the past few months and I'm now taking an unofficial break -- and it feels so good.


Hey Lisa,
really great bags. I like especially the vintage bird cage one. And I found out that you have some more great bags in your etsy shop and your blog as well. (oh sometimes it’s a pitty not to live in the US)
Something for our future bag shop in Berlin?
Marsupial Barbara


How about Home Made Lemonade? Your pillow is gorgeous. I've been hit with the urge to quilt too (inspired by the same amazing people). I think I can manage a pillow to start! Thanks for the idea. :)

But don't ever quit making bags! There is nobody who does it like you do!

Michelle Baker

Love, love, love your "wonky" pillow!


hi, lovely blog, and lovely post! this is a great time, everyone is soo creative! don't you fill like doing everything?
i will keep you in "favs"
and another odd thing: i also have one "Olivia" but she leaves barbies all over the place, in the bath tube too (some ken from time to time)
big kisses from argentina, vivi


Those purses are beautiful!

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