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February 14, 2009



How fun! Love those rings, and I love trading too. Nothing like getting what you want and giving someone else something they want too! :)


Looking forward to seeing what you create with all that Yummy fabric.


Trading is SO much fun! Those rings are gorgeous and I love that fabric. I'm sure you're going to create an amazing bag for her!

The Southern Housewife

OOOH! Me, me, me! :) email me if you see anything you like in my shop! I loooove trading!

Lauren minco

oh, how lovely! It makes me want to sew, even though I'm horrible at it!


Isn't Melissa wonderful? I just loved meeting her at Market. And I'm totally in love with her fabric.


Mmmm that pile of fabric makes me go weak at the knees! How lovely.


Saw that ring in person and its great!

Can't wait to see what you make from that great fabric!

kristen - gock's frocks

you lucky duck - you got to meet her & see her cool shop!! I am quite envious & can't wait to see what you make!

have you given any thought to coming to quilt market in May - Pittsburgh PA the weekend of the 15th ?!?!


Nothing, I repeat nothing! is better than free fabric!! Although those rings are sure pretty, too...


Oh the rings are gorgeous! I love all the possibilities in new fabric...


Lovely ring and beautiful fabrics can't wait to see what you crate from them. :-) I'm going to get my sewing machine out of the box as well and create something nice too during the weekend.

Audra, Green Meadow Lane Art & Decor

What great finds! I love them both!


Great fabric, awesome jewelry find! Very inspired.

Hena Tayeb

gorgeous ring

Amirul Rezza

Hi if you're free, please visit my new His Ministry, by Amirul Rezza. And what's special is, no government tax applied! :)

laura trevey

Gorgeous ring..... LOVE it!!


Wonderful blog!, Special not to lose of sight. Congrats!

Annie Wynen

LOVE the trading idea well done

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Love that stack of fabrics. Lots of great projects in there for sure-lol.

I love fabric too!

sales jobs

Oh I love those rings. They look so wonderful and unique. Love it!!!


I love those Anemone stacking rings; they are so pretty and unique.


i just traded fabric from my shop for 2 super-cute fabric covered tubs. can't wait to get them. trading is a great way to shop!

love that ring!


Well... just bought some earrings. I chose some anemone earings and soem hoops. Thanks for the tip!

Stop snoring

I guess everyone loves your ring and your colorful fabrics. Actually, I have lots of fabrics here in my room but seldom used them. I just love collecting fabrics.

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