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April 04, 2007




This is beautiful. Whenever it gets finished. Maybe the "Grandmother" in the name of the pattern has to do with the time frame of when it will be finished ...

It is an heirloom in the making.




Wow , Lisa what a great work.
This is more than great...
As Nancy said

Junk 2 Jewels

I adore that! what a special thing for her to have. I still have one of the last quilts my GREAT-grandmother made. I remember finding a few pins still in iT. LOL


I bow down to your quilty greatness. My mom quilted and I have the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt she made. I know I don't have the patience for it!

Becky/Ambrosia Couture

That is just STUNNING Lisa!! I am amazed!



what gorgeous quilts
what size hexes and diamonds are you using.
also what size are the squares in the finished quilt
thanks julie

Barb Nicholls

I do love your quilt-in-progress. I have blocks that my grandmother made in the 1920s or early 30s. There are about half enough for a quilt. I have made a few to go with it and love to work on it. Where did you get the pattern for the green inserts between the blocks? I am ready to start assembling as soon as I can find this pattern. Thanks.

Sandy (Strlady)

I know this is an older post but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I am making a GFGQ for my daughter's bridal trousseau and she loves that layout you have with the inset diamonds. I was wondering if you were using a pattern or if there was something on the web that might show how to do it with the diamonds.
I am using 1" hex patis to do the hexagons but I'm thinking of reducing the size to 3/4" since she doesn't like the flower to be too large. Any feedback would be appreciated!

My email address is:
strlady at gmail dot com


H Case

Would you please post the color of green you used and where you purchased it for the garden path in the grandmother's flower garden quilt you're making? I can't find the right shade of green anywhere and am at the point where I can put my flowers together. Yours looks like the color I'm wanting. Any help you can give is appreciated!

Florist Italy

I hav been wandering online since the past couple of hours and accidentally came to your blog post..Just admiring the way you conclude your post:*********** I have always wanted one, I've seen gorgeous take your breath away vintage ones... *********


This is by far the best looking Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt that I have seen. The selection of prints, the size of the flower and the proportion of mint and white are in such total harmony. Just as others have asked, what size hexagon and diamond did you use? It's 2010, did this get finished? We are all in suspense!

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Found a link to your blog when searching for GMFG images and fell for your quilt and am with Judith in wondering is the quilt finished? Really enjoying your blog and your fabulous creations.

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Really an appreciating work...wish you a best of luck

Jordan AJF8

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I love your setting with the green diamonds and triangle. I have made 72 hand-pieced quarter-sized hex blocks that I mostly did in the 80s when my kids were on swim team and I needed something to do on the bleachers at practice. I started mine to copy one my mom had made before the 30's repro fabrics were available, so just had to improvise to get the "cotton candy" pastel look. Now I need to set the blocks together. Yours diamond/triangle setting is very delicate and sweet -- one of the prettiest I've seen. Can you tell me how you drafted the pattern for the diamond? You're right - it's a total insanity project, but I'm determined to get it finished within the year!


Love the diamonds between your flowers. I have been wanting to start one of these. I am looking at designs for mine as I know I need a plan before I start making hexies. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Billings

Sofia Britts

That's a beautiful work, Lisa. The name is very nostalgic. Hehe! Making crafts can sometimes be out of the budget, so applying for loan to buy the materials is quite helpful. I don't know, but this works for some small business owners.

Nancy Reid

I absolutely love your quilt. My mother got two from an estate sale in the 60s and I have always wanted to make one. Like some other comments, I would love to know what size each little hexagon is and also love the color of the green. Often it's done in too dark or two bright of a green shade but yours is lovely! Is it finished? Would love just to know the size of hexagon before I begin mine.

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