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September 18, 2007



me! me! pick me!
I love your stuff.


me! me! pick me!
I love your stuff.


beautiful!! just beautiful things!! enjoy your site!!


I went to the show Saturday, your bags are beautiful, I want one really bad!!


I like your bags so much:-)


Congratulations!!! Your boutique looks wonderful. It looks so put together, even the details (i.e. the pink lanterns) are covered. Good job!


What a gorgeous wristlet -- Count me in baby! :)


You are so very, very welcome!
Why didn't I help you drag stuff home? I didn't realize how much it was once it was piled into the car! Livvy looks like she's drowning!

Michelle xoxoxo


Congrats on the show. The car picture is cracking me up. The look on your little girl's face! The booth looked beautiful, wish I was there.


Sounds like a job well done! I've done some fairs and know exactly the stress beforehand, the pleasure during, and the relief and lightheadedness after. Your bags are lovely, and I'd sure like to win that wristlet!


I've always loved your stuff! Count me too!


Lisa Your boutique looks fabulous!! Love the lanterns and your sign. And it looks like you got the white tent like you wanted.
And even though I have one of your lovely wristlets I could always use another!!


Congratulations! Your booth looked amazing by the way!


Oh, yay!! I'm so glad that you had a good time. My one and only outdoor sale was a laughably bad experience, so I've been anxiously awaiting your report. (I hoped for so much better for you!) And look how pretty your booth was! I somewhat lack the gift of presentation, I'm afraid....

Girl, I will gladly take that wristlet off of your hands lickety-split! :) Come on, lucky random # generator!


Glad things went well - your booth looks wonderful.
I almost started to hyperventilate when I saw you had listed some of the leftovers! I only wish I could buy 2 -- or 3! ; )


I LOVE your bags and only wish I was 1/4 as talented! I'm glad you survived your craft fair, I've got one this weekend I'm SO not prepared for. Off to go check your Etsy shop...

Sandi Henderson

Good for you! The latterns add the perfect touch. Oh, all those beautiful bags..



I'm sorry Saturday was a wash-out (literally) but I'm glad that Sunday was better. Your booth looks beautiful!! And those treats??? mmmmmmm.... :)


Your booth looked wonderful - your bags are so beautiful ...


Congrats on the show! I'm a big fan of your designs!


Wow, that sure sounds like an experience!!


congrats on surviving the show... too bad you had to go through the rain... that's a real bummer... but hopefully it was well worth it. I also just got home from my first huge craft show and am totally exhausted. It was a blast though and I know just how you feel!


You are an inspiration! I want to be like you, when I grow up! When will that happen, I'm 34!


Your bags are very beautiful and cheerful looking.
Here in Germany we (me?) don't know and don't use wristlets, so I'm pretty curious to see and touch one.
Hello from Hamburg


I've been checking everyday to see how it went. Looks like it was an experience. ~Love the car photo. And I absolutely love your work! Your fabric choices are like eye candy. ;)

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