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September 18, 2007


Mary Ann

Your bags are beautiful. Congrats on a successful craft show!


I'm so glad you survived! Your booth looks amazing--so much color, and the lanterns are the perfect touch. Congratulations!


I looooooovvvvveeeeee your bags! You're are immensely talented. Congrats on the show:)

Jane Weston

Well Done You!! Preparing for a show is the hardest thing and I'm so glad for you that you had a positive experience! Your booth looks delightful and very welcoming...I would have definitely bought had I been a shopper!


I am amazed that you didn't sell everything! I am sure if it had not been for the rain there would be nothing left!


Everything looked great and it sounds like you had lots of fun and adventure :)


The booth looked fantastic! Love the lanterns!


How did you not sell all of it? I would have bought one of each style!


Ooooo... count me in the drawing! I'd be thrilled to have one of your creations!


I wish that I could have made it to meet you and view your beautiful designs maybe next time


Bummer on the rain but I'm glad it went ok anyway! The car pic is hilarious! I hope you had a great time and now feel good about doing more shows! I always spend all my hard-earned money at someone else's booth :-)


so happy this went so well for you! I was also so happy to find this update. My husband laughs, because everythime I turn on the computer, I check to see your blog first! Maybe I should learn how subscribe to it!
Anyway, your booth...perfection. It looked great. I am so glad you enjoyed it


I love the lanterns hanging in your booth!


Oh Lisa! I am so glad that is was fun and that you enjoyed it!! I bet your stuff was the star of the show!! Humm, now what are you going to do next!?! LOL! :)


I love all of your stuff. so professional looking! When I make something, well, it looks a tad more "made-by-me"...:)


Congrats on making it through the weekend!

Those pink lanterns were a fantastic idea -- they go perfectly with your style and were a lovely pink touch.

crafty jeff

You did a great job this weekend. It was fun helping you, thanks for dinner- i really needed that margarita. I'm proud of you- Love


Everything looks so beautiful! You did a wonderful job - you should be so proud of yourself!

Julie Lueck

Everything is beautiful. I have been dying for the update, glad all went well.


WOW girl! You've been totally busy! I'm so glad the show went well for you! I am totally in love with those messenger bags.


Congrats and I wish I could've come! We had one here in my town too but we didn't find much. Count me in for the wristlet! I've been wanting to get one of those anyway!!!

Tori :)


Your booth was beautiful! Aren't you glad you have pictures of it to remind you? Your bags are awesome!

Jessica Hood

your setup is gorgeous! love the pink lanterns!


Hooray! Your booth was so lovely. I adore paper lanterns and in those colors... just gorgeous with all your pretty bags!


I love your set up there! It looks so fresh and fun. Glad the weekend wasn't a total washout for you. Here's to the next show!!

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