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October 01, 2007



Another great bag - those fabrics look gorgeous together.
Isn't the Patchwork book great?!

Claire (not Bahrain)

How amazingly well those fabrics go together, or maybe you have the midas touch. I think if I put those fabrics together they would clash terribly. Well done...


Your bag is gorgeous, and yes, unexpectedly the colours work together brilliantly.

The doodling book does look really interesting - what a shame they didn't have it!


I just reveived my copy of Doodle Stitching in today's mail. It's as wonderful as you think it will be. I'm starting right away!!

Charlene Teo

Man, I love that doodle stitching book! I received the 'the patchwork + quilted gift' from a friend just last week. I must say I love it lotssss. The projects in there are right up my alley!


I just saw that Amy B. book yesterday at Border's as well! Amazing! But yes, pricey. amazon.com has both books in stock at discounts - and free shipping!


I just ordered Midwest Modern from Amazon.com. It's so much cheaper than our Barns and Noble and I just had to have it. Hasn't arrived yet... but after reading what you had to say I just can't wait!!!


I wonder how Borders chooses their books. There are some books I see all over the knitting blogs that have never been at Borders.

Your bag is great!


I am in love, those fabrics!!And together? Even better. I will be sure to read your interview!


Gorgeous Bag! I have a craft book addiction and it's a bad one. Both of those books are on my "to purchase" list. I love to embroider. It's not hard and you'd be great. As far as Kaffe goes, well I just found out that he's going to be at Hancock's of Paducah in Jan. (heard it directly from Mr Hancock himself!) I'll be there for sure.I love his stuff.


Yeah, go get to work you slacker..what is that - your 4th bag completed this week?

Sugarshop (Dena)

Yeah ya slacker...Lol! I've been trying to squeeze some time for weeks to get a bag in and here you go, another smashing bag! Love those brights together. Someday I wanna grow up and be like you ;)! I've seen that Amy B. book on Amazon along with her other new one Sew-It Kit. I think I'll check it out first as a reviewer said it had several repeat patterns from In stitches. Another beauty Lisa!


Lisa, you need to make a trip down here this month. Kaffe is coming to the quilt shop I frequent!!!


I love that book too, just seeing the cover on your blog makes me rush off to Amazon for another order.....:)


I just got those top two books for my birthday and can't wait to try some of the projects. I haven't seen the third book before.


Hey, email me, I inadvertently ordered two of the Doodle Stitching books on Amazon and would be willing to sell or do a swap.


Is your bathroom clean? How do you manage it all????????
I am fall cleaning and you are falling in love at Borders~~go figure!
Love, M.


Both of those books are on my growing must buy list. I swear you would love embroidery. I started it this year and am so hooked!

Zelia Evora

Ah! want the book... love the fabric... love the bag!

crafty jeff

what a beautiful bag! i would by it for my wife but she makes bags that are just as good. your interview was great! i'm sure you're just being modest about not being that great on the business end (:


Lucky you! I want that patchwork book BAD!!


Hi Lisa! I was just going to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the purse that I bought from Ebay! I LOVE it! Ironically, I received it the same day that I got my Last minute gifts book too!! I was going to make a post about how it was the perfect day for me! :) You are so talented. I can't wait to show the purse off!! :)

melissa deakin

hi lisa,
oh my goodness, what a stunning bag.
just incredible!
i love that patchwork book and i am awaiting my arrival of the Amy Butler book from amazon...i couldn't resist a preorder on that one. ;)


you have the most amazing good taste your bags are to die for not litrally of course but just fantastic i am waiting for a copy of the flee market bag pattern oh but i just love your bags... happydays Margie


gorgeous bag! and now if you excuse me I've got some books to check out!!

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