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October 11, 2007



I think the recipe sounds great!!! My husband is the chef at our house and I'll see if he'll make it for dinner tonight. Mmmmm... sounds yummy!!
PS Love the purses... as always!


I like the step-by-step pictures for the recipe! I'll make that for myself - it looks great! But my family probably won't go for it. (A few years ago I tried to add chopped spinach and grated carrots to meatloaf. They're still talking about it!) :)


Sounds good! I might have to try this. I am lucky... I converted my hubby from strickly a "steak and potato guy" to an "I will try almost anything guy". All I really had to do was point out that his mother is the worst cook (she admits it) and he might like things better if cooked correctly. Now he will try anything...almost.

melissa deakin

oh my goodness, lisa, i LOVE that new bag. stunning!
that recipe looks fabulous.
adding it to my list of recipes.
thanks so much for sharing!


Not sure if I'm brave enough to try the recipe but I may say if Honey is interested and cook it for him. I haven't cared for quinoa in the past.


Looks delicious and love the bags!



lovee the bag


that looks yummy! Can't wait to try tht one! I think we cook the same way. If it says four ounces of cheese, or chocolate, I always add a pound...really. This drives my husband crazy!


Looks yummy! I've always wanted to try quinoa but have to admit it has frightened me a little. I'll have to try this over the weekend, I've been eating a lot of baked squash lately and this looks like a good way to liven it up!


YUMMY to the food and the bags! They all look SOOOO great!


Oh yum! I love this time of year!

Hip Mama Crafts

Your bags are so beautiful - they take my breath away... Thanks for sharing them!

suzi finer

I'm passing this along to my sister, who promises to whip it up for me (I prefer her kitchen to my teeny one.)


I am right there with you on those mums. And yummy yummy looking food!


I don't think we have those acorn squash here in Australia, but they sure look great! Love the bag too!


I have no idea what quinoa is but it sounds interesting! And I love the autumny colours in the bag and wristlet! It's spring here but autumn is definitely my fave season.


the squash looks yummy, and the purse even yummier!! i am laughed out loud when you said "watch it carefully, it will burn if not moved around"...that is my kind of recipe. hehe



Mums are funeral flowers in Germany, anyway! HA!
I thought I smelled something yummy!


mmmmm... that recipe sounds so yummy that I need to go buy some more acorn squash so I can try this out!

Love the bags you make. You are very creative and certainly have an eye for fabric and colour.


defiantly putting this in my 'recipes to try' binder. and the colors on that wristlet are perfect for fall. yum...


I just plunked down a bundle for more of that Joel D in orange and brown and I LOVE it! Can't get enough of those birds!
They are looking gooood on our new products for our new Etsy store...I'll give you a hint...homasote, staple gun....fabric......


I love that wristlet!!! The fabrics are amazing. You definately do have an eye for coordinating fabrics.


I'm making this as I write! I'll let you know how it turned out.


Love the bird fabric on the wristlet!


okay, I'm back. I made this! Thank you for inspiring me! My whole family ate it without much fuss. I didn't have half the ingredients you suggested so I had to compromise but it still ended up good. Thank you for making your directions easy, even for the lame cook like me. I posted my end result on my blog with a link back to you for the recipe.

Looking forward to more good recipes : )

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