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December 13, 2007



Just gorgeous, as usual! I just might add something to my Christmas list!


seriously in love with those! i like the first one the best, love those wavy seams!


Definitely no snow here - but it's kinda cold..probably in the upper 70's :-) As always, beautiful bags!! They are just gorgeous!


No chance of snow here in GA, but I liked looking at yours!

Niesz Vintage Home

Gorgeous bags! I love the way you put colors together and make it seem effortless.
Simply beautiful.

No snow here, yet. But I think we're due for a couple of inches over the weekend.
Kimberly :)


Oh, I love that last bag!!!! Enjoy the snow!


Love that last bag~~I could hang it in my "new" bathroom~~same colors!
We are going out to play in the snow momentarily!


Erika Cass Designs

I'm jealous, I wish it would snow here! :oP
I'm sooo lovin that last bag btw.


Ooohhh just gorgeous! Gotta love MOBY for rocking out to the sewing machine! We have a winter storm watch in effect here from tomorrow through monday...looks like we'll need to hunker down as well!


In my former life (pre-kids) I once sat in a waiting room with Moby and chatted with him. Interesting guy. Our kids enjoy playing chess too, and thanks to the Lego chess set it's holding their interest. I'm looking forward to seeing more snow photos!


That last bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it! You're amazing!


lisa...i have to come coming to your blog! i am gonna go broke and i want WAY too many bags! LOL!
oh! and i used the magenta version of that Etsuko Furuya fabric for my thanksgiving tablecloth. i totally agree. LOVE that stuff! :)


Those bags are so lovely. You are so talented, I am in awe!


The new bag designs are gorgeous!! That last one is pure genius! Snow days are the best. I love when all the madness can stop for a day. Liv has some great boots!


Love, love, love the last bag...but it is already sold! Will you be making anymore? I really love pink!!


I LOVE that first bag.

enjoy your snow!


where do you find the time? they're fabulous.

And happy snow fighting!!


Ohh Lisa, Snow for Christmas, something I have yet to experience. It looks so lovely when it's fresh and clean. My Olivia would love to come and play with your Olivia I'm sure. Your bags do look very summery, love the fresh colours with the linen.

Hope you guys have a good Christmas together and that you have plenty of time for bag making. We have a housefull of family visiting and it's getting a bit hot for knitting so I think I will start on some machine sewing.


No snow yet here, amazingly, but there may be a white Xmas yet! Your new bags are wonderful--love the fabrics! Happy Days ((HUGS))


I love that fabric on your pleated bag! I have it sitting on my work table now ;-)


Lucky you to have snow. Send some my way!! Great bags by the way.


I'm so jealous!! I wants SNOW!!!!
Cute handbags too! :-)


I love all your bags..just beautiful combinations of fabric & colour...so jealous of your talent! Julia


I love the bags, especially the stripey crazy quilt one.
Will have to check out your shop!

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