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February 07, 2008



San Francisco is my absolute favorite city on the planet! I hope to move there someday. While I was sad to hear about your air travel woes, I am glad that the rest of your trip was fab!


so glad you had a great time!


Brings back memories seeing photos of SF - such a great city. Really looking forward to seeing what came home with you from the bookstore!


So sad about your travel problems. There's nothing worse!
Recognized some of the herbs and woods in the Chinese herbal mix. LOL I get acupuncture every week, and drink my herbs twice a day. They are nearly always vile, but it all works!
The bride looks lovely. so does the food. vbg


I think maybe you share my vacation jinx gene! You have GOT to check out the Jan 4 2008 post on my blog. Then my following 2 posts are about our trip to Boston. Welcome to my world!!!


What a fabulous, if quick, trip! Don't you just love Dim Sum, they just keeping bringing you more and more and more! I know how lucky I am to live about 10 minutes from a Kinokinuya here in Seattle. It's attached to an Asian food court and we like to take the kids for lunch and then shop.


I haven't been to SF for years but it is a fun place. We ate great foccia (sp?) at a place called something something Cigar Shop one day. I wish I could remember more of the name. I wonder if its still there. The pics are darling. And you're beautiful and the wonderful food doesn't seem to have changed you at all!


Sounds like a great trip (minus the delays, soggy pants and lack of clothing)!


I have never been there. How fun though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dim Sum . . . I often overeat but it is just soooooo good. :)


Looks like you ended up having a great trip. I've got to send my friend Doe over to see that store. I love SF and used to live very close to there. Great pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.


Hello Lisa, Greetings from Australia. Your smile whilst eating is very infectious - makes me happy to look. I've been looking through all your blogs and love your work!
P.S. What sort of building was the wedding in? It looks very familiar to me.


We went to SF for a wedding almost five years ago. It was so much fun. Our hosts (my husband's sister and her husband) live on Clayton St, and every morning we took a long walk on Haight St. We were too far away to get to Doe, but it's on my list of places to visit when we go back to visit!


It sounds like you had a wonderful time out here. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I hope that you are able to return soon!


oh dear! what an ordeal...

My husband had no luggage for the first 4 days of our honeymoon... can you imagine that? he went around every day with this cheesy shirt from the souvenir shop and some swimming shorts that the hotel kindly laundered every night!!

Funny. Now. Not then.

Those photos are lovely!


Wonderful pictures and blog!



What a fun trip! Thanks for sharing...definitely my city by the Bay~


You little cushon! Pigging out as usual! Hee Hee!
Hope Livvy lou lou cakes is feeling better++


Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your handbags on my Bangles n Bags blog this evening! Just click on my link to go there. I hope you don't mind that I posted a few of your pics. The bags are absolutely gorgeous!
By the way, I now live in the SF Bay Area. We just moved here last month and I love it! The weather is awesome!


looks like a fun trip! i'm drooling just thinking about dim sum!!

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