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February 21, 2008



Your bags look beautiful! Love your new Etsy baubles, too. Reading your blog today has inspired me to go down a complete a few bag orders I have. Just the motivation I needed. Thanks!


lots and lots of really cute stuff! you bags are to die for!


Wow! You've been busy. I'm inspired to go make something.


Your purses are awesome as usual. LOVE the turquoise and brown one especially!


Wow! No wonder you haven't been blogging . Your imagination has been running overtime. These bags are sooo beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them.


Your new bags are fabulous, so creative, all very different, your work is realy evolving. Love your etsy purchases, such cute jewellery, your Darling Daughter must love those clips. You are a tease with your top secret project!


I've never tried a kumquat but do think they look neat. Guess I'll stick to looking at them. :) Your new bags are terrific!


*swoon* I was peeking at your Etsy today and I see that I need to go back for another look! Kumquats are cute; sorry to hear the recipe wasn't all that.


I think I love the chocolate/peony bag. Love.


You never fail to disappoint with those amazing bags!! And I'm always excited to be turned on to new etsy sellers!
kumquats..super kool!

Erika Cass Designs

Love all the new bags!
Atleast Kumquats look great on a table right? ;o)
Entered a new contest eh? Can't wait to see your entry. Hope you win.


Your bags are so gorgeous, Lisa. I'm the polar opposite of a girly girl, but I want one to carry around while wearing a particularly stunning sundress or something. And I bought that same little white vase (from your bedroom redecorating post) last time I went to IKEA!

- Diana from Arts in RI


Ok, so this explains why I haven't heard from you. You're off the hook! :)
That third bag has my name on it!



You bags are just gorgeous and the little, bitter fruits..well at least they look stunning :)


You bags are just gorgeous and the little, bitter fruits..well at least they look stunning :)


the bags and the food look yummy!
good luck with the contest. :)\

hey, my hubby had a dog named Kumquat



oh lisa!!!
i have to have that trimmed tote!! waaaah!!! i'm crying cuz somebody else has my soulmate purse!! waaaaahhh!!!
yes, i know how ridiculous i sound! LOL (((HUGS))) hope you're doing well!


I love your Chandeliers and Chrysanthemums bag...I don't see it here! Your shop is very cute! ;)


kumquats? thumbs up.

Love the bags. I wish I were closer to you to get some tips. They always look so 'professional' (which is no 2's favourite words of the moment)

Gorgeous jewellery too.


these bags are amaaaaaaazing!!! and great choice on the other objects!


My good friend Alison Rostron sent me to your blog! I absolutely LOVE your bags! Where do you sell them? I love reading your blogs too! Have a great day!


I LOVE your bags and jewelry. How can i get them?!?!


Can't say I've ever had a kumquat! But I do love the pleated ric-rac bag!

And you've been tagged! Come to my blog to see!


Those bags are perfection (as usual)!

I too think kumquats are adorable but I guess you're supposed to eat them skin and all and that must be an acquired taste. My husband has always wanted to name a dog Quat so he could yell "Come Quat!". He's silly.


Aaack! Lurker here...but I had to come out of hiding to tell you that I just bought two gorgeous pendants from Madison Craft Studios because of your post! Thank you!!! One is on it's way to my sister in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the other will be living with me in Vancouver, BC...now...which of your bags will come to live on opposite sides of Canada? It's a difficult decision, I love them all!!!

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