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April 05, 2008



Gorgeous bags, as to be expected. Definitely gets me in the mood for spring!


I love Jane Austen (books and movies) and have really been enjoying Masterpiece. I did unfortunately miss a couple but I'm hoping they'll repeat sometime.


I love love love David Sedaris. And your bags, always a delight. I am awed by your sewing skills.

Niesz Vintage Home

Great bags!
Love the rick rack. And is that brown velvet ribbon on the last one? Beautiful!

Kimberly :)

Cece Marie

Part two of Sense and Sensibility! eeek...I missed part one. Lovely bags by the way. I like them very very much. The brown velvet one is my fave.


Great purses you've made once again.


Oh how cute!! I really love the shape of that first one.


All awesome, but I LOVE the aqua one!


Love the bags, and adorable clips!!


Those purses are so cute! That David Sedaris book is pretty funny, I enjoyed it. And I've been loving the Jane Austen on Masterpiece too. I can't even bring myself to delete them from my TiVo yet. Maybe someday...

Dena Berg (sugar shop)

What a beautiful summery trio!


I'm so glad I'm not the only nutcase who can't stop talking about Jane Austen! :-)

Love the new bags!


I'm with you on the Masterpiece Theater. I've been glued to my couch every Sunday night. After Sense and Sensablity last night I'm not sure who I like better Col. Brandon or Mr. Darcy. Tough call.

Your new bags are beautiful!


We are watching, too. And the John Adams series is amazing!
I love the Jane Austen book~~looks like an older edition.



Oh, the pink dahlia is so perfect for that bag.

jennifer Paganellli

I can not wait to se what you do with bellbottoms...Jennifer


that David Seadaris book is freaking hilarious. And I am lusting after that third bag. They are all lovely as usual, but that bottom one is especially doing it for me today!
I'll be in Prov tomorrow- going to see Michael Buble!


I love these bags! absolutely beautiful!

YOUVE BEEN TAGGED!! If you want to play, check out the information on my blog. :-)



Just found your Blog, sorry you didn't win the competition. Your bags are amazing, you are very talented.
Lisa x


Love "Me Talk Pretty One Day"...actually just completely love David Sedaris, but this one in particular will have you laughing out loud!

M (Tales from an OC Cottage)

Love the bags and your blog! I can't just watch every version of a Jane Austen...I then have to own it! I just never get tired her amazing use of the English language!



Those bags are FABULOUS! I just love them. Great job!


sssh ... I'm English and I can't abide Jane Austin. But I love your bags and I am a huge Ogden Nash fan :) I have a fun (but seriously wierd) Amy Sedaris party book - is she by chance related to David?

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