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May 20, 2008



Yay, David Cook rocks! xD Hehe, sorry, I believe I've never commented here before. ;) Although I've been a silent stalker (I mean, feed subscriber) for awhile now.

The amigurumi bunny is adorable. :) As are your bags, of course. The last one looks especially yummy. ^_^


I love the softies they are fab. With two small children although i try and keep my lounge grown up pretty soon there are a few toys that seem to find their way into it. Drooling over the bags, especially the top one!!!!!!!!!!!

Cherry Tree Lane

Im in LOVE with mini me (and all the purses)!!!!


what cute softies and bags. The mini is my favorite. So darling. You do such really nice work.


everything looks so nice! i love that last purse. such a cool design.


Oooh, LOOOVE the fabric on that last bag (the flowers). Who's the designer? I will be ordering a bag from you soon!!

melissa deakin

those softies are adorable, lisa!
love them and of course, your bags are to die for!
you rock!


Oh, those softies are sooooo cute! You have so much talent; I'm just in awe. The new bags are terrific! I don't think I could pick a favorite, although that African Daisy is really calling to me. :)

Niesz Vintage Home

The softies are adorable! Love the little flowered bunny.

And Congratulations! I saw your Lemon Slice purse on Etsy's Front page.

Ok, gotta go to cheer on David C.

Kimberly :)


I'm so glad I've found your blog. Love your work! Your purses are divine. I see an etsy purchase in my future. I'm currently knitting purses to felt. I like the Miss Spud and the Lady Rabbit... so very sweet! :)


ahh... those softies are SO CUTE! And I love the tree purse.


Love the purses! Especially the one with the trees.


miss spud looks rlly cute!

i enjoy seeing how you match your fabrics together! good job :)


I love your blog.... I go to it every day for news and ideas and inspiration... THANK YOU!


omg, lisa!! you remember that project i said i wanted to talk to you about to try and make for one of my dd's!?!?! well, you just freakin made it! AND i just bought it!!
it is exactly what i wanted you to make! AND it has a kitty on it! which is her fave!
you are the most gifted mind-reading seamstress in the world!!!
thank you!!!


and ohmgosh! i just bought the yellow eclipse, too! i told myself i couldn't buy another purse, but i HAVE to have that one! you are a genius!!


My Baroque Boutique handbag has a baby sister in Madame Butterfly - how cute!
Janelle ;-)


Your things are adorable~ I love each and everyone you make!


Ha! We were so happy when David Cook won! I was certain it was going to be the other David and we'd have to listen to his soft ballads for another year on all the talk shows.

Your new bags are great!


I NEED that pencil roll. Well to be honest, I need all your bags, they are delicious!

apple cyder

Love mini me's little skirt. Am just finding you. Your bags are amazing!

the vintage housewife

ooh golly i love love love miss spud...ooh her adventures with all the sofa sitters! i just love your blog...my first visit...stop on by my place...cat


That little purse with the kitten on is is precious!!!

Ann ~ Hip Mom Jewelry

Ok that madame butterfly purse is perfection. I drooling on my keyboard!

jordan retro 3

He who would do well to another must do it in minute particulars; general good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer. What do you think?

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