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June 23, 2008


crafty jeff

enter me for the eye pillow. great job on the show, you were well prepared even though the venue wasn't

Jessica Hood

the eye pillows sound fabulous! :) jessica


Oh Wow! I would love to win a lavender pillow :) It is my favorite scent! I'm glad you sold some items at the show. Love your work :)


oooh relaxation, just what I need! And a mega stylish one at that, they are too cute. xx katie


Those have to be the cutest eye pillows ever! I am also in love with the Swedish Citrus bag you have featured in your shop...great colors!!


Your display looks great and those lavendar eye pillows are a great idea!


Beautiful set up. I know I would have been irresistible drawn to your table.


I love the fabrics. enter me in the drawing :)


Great design and fabric choices for your eye pillows! thanks for sharing.


The bags look fabulous! I'm sorry the show was a bust. I've been there done that. Cute idea for the lavender pillows. I <3 lavender, I have a row of it blooming up my front sidewalk.


Oooh... sign me up, I could use some relaxation.




these are lovely! i'm spending the end of my week in the hospital, so these would be more than appreciated!!

also, do you have anything else to add to your shop? i've been carrying around a few of the bags i bought from you in the past and am realizing i need to get another one or two... (or three... heehee)

have a beautiful summer week!



What an attractive booth you have set up. Your bags look lovely on that stand. Everything looks so good its too bad it wasn't a better sales day. It is a good thing it was free. Your eye pillows are made with such fabric. I'd love to win one of those. I hope your next sale will be a bust...all gone! :o)


I could use one of those eye pillows RIGHT now....this very minute. But I'll wait until Thursday.....*S*

SilverLining Designs

Your eye pillows look as great as your bags! Sorry to hear you didn't do so great at the show.


sorry your show wasn't as successful as you had hoped. no need to put me in the drawing - i just wanted to tell you how great your bags look!


Glad to see you have returned to blogging. You have been missed. As always your creations are delightful.


Oooh la la is right. I love your designs and would love even more to be entered!


Love the fabrics you chose for the eye pillows :-)


Well you know I just have to leave a comment and hope for the best!! Sorry I wasn't able to drop by~~kids!!



You know I was just noticing the dark circles under my eyes this morning......could it be a sign that I need a relaxing lavender eye pillow. I don't know, but I sure wouldn't mind winning one ;)



Jennifer J. S.

I hope I win one! They are so pretty! jennifer j. s.

Laura Stewart

thse are gorgeous!!!

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