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June 17, 2008


giabella designs

Your daughter is so pretty! Good luck at the craft show, I am sure you will do well. I love all of your bags.


Hi, No your not a bad Mom. Just some children need more attention than others and that is a product of our imperfections not our faults. As much as it adds to your work load I think you are doing the right thing by trying to occupy her with crafts. If you don't get in while the children are little you never will although how you feel about craft books for kids. All the best for the holdidays and your show. Cherrie


You're not a bad mom! I'm already saying, "When does school start back???" I'm not nearly as good at keeping them occupied as I wish I was. Sometimes I just let them veg out in front of the tv. Shame on me! Have fun at the show!


I am on the floor laughing at your post.....I feel your pain! Found your site through Jennifer at Sisboom. Good luck at the show. Your bags are beautiful. Only 75 days give or take of summer!! xo shawn

Carrie S.

Aw, sweetie, you are NOT a bad mom! I've started the September 2 countdown already! Join me, it's easy.

As for the craft fair, don't worry, you'll do great and have a beautiful display. You don't have it in you to do less. If you're interested, I just did a post on craft show display - I'm not going to be obnoxious and post the link, but it's there if you want to check it out. GOOD LUCK - take lots of pictures! XO


Crikey, school breaks up early over there. Here in the UK, my son finishes on 22 July and I am already having palpitations at the thought of it!!! He's actually quite good at amusing himself but I still end up feeling guilty that I spend most of my time glued to my sewing machine, and visits to the fabric shop are just not the same when you are accompanied by a 6 year old! Good luck with the Craft Show.


Your bags are beautiful but your daughter is far more beautiful. You're not a bad mum - you're a great mum because you know that you're not perfect so you try harder to be good when you can but you recognise that you need time out to recharge. When my twins were born and I found myself with three kids under two I realised, only half jokingly, that for me, the fact that they were all alive and healthy at the end of the day was good. There is a lot to be said for learning the art of survival:) Some kids make more mess and noise surviving, and some do it quietly in the corner with a book. Liv looks like she might bake cupcakes and salsa at the same time - that's an impressive skill!


I think the first year of full day can be bad for a mother of one~~especially if your husband actually LEAVES to go to work!! You almost feel single again! At least you'll only have Livvy at home!! LOL!!



The difference between good moms and bad moms is bad moms don't care. You, obviously care. Today was our first day off too and I was looking forward to a little sleeping-in. My little one decided to get up before 6:00a.m. because he was too excited for summer.
Hey, she looks big enough to fold laundry, unload the dishes and vacuum. Just call it Home Crafts.


What a hoot you are!!! You're SO REAL AND SO FUNNY! :-) It's BECAUSE you're such a TOTALLY WONDERFUL mom that you are longing for school to start so SOMEONE ELSE BESIDES YOU can take the first shift in teaching your daughter and you only have to do the second shift! REALLY! The artist within is always calling, calling, calling! Keep making us laugh ~ we LOVE it! :-)


Oh that purse is adorable!!! and I love your color choices.
Maybe consider some play dates this summer or maybe hire someone to come in for a while each day.. that may help out.. and No, I don't think you would be a bad mom in doing that! :)


i think your a great mum and if you want another daughter i can come. abit that i am probably ole enough to be your mother but.... i wanna live at your house good luck with the bags and stall they all look delicious


nope...not a bad mom...i think we ALL pretty much feel that way! ;-)

Hannah C.

ooh! I love that bag. Do you sell your patterns?

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Don't think that your a bad mom because your just do your responsibility.Your trying your best to be the good mom.


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