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September 25, 2008



Yay! You're back! I missed seeing pictures of your gorgeous bags. I just am in awe of them.


Wow! What a clever way to reuse materials! I love the bags made from jackets.


Such gorgeous bags, Lisa! You've been busy ;-)


Gorgeous bags! You always make such wonderful things!


Hello there! I do love your interpretation of the suit bag. I have admired these before and tried to picture how to do them but always failed. Cherrie

PS Yours are actually the classiest I have seen so far!


Those jacket bags are AWESOME!! I can see you have been making good use of your time away! :p


Gosh! the bags are just so beautiful


I am so glad to see that you are back!! I love the new handbags what a great idea!! I going to try to make it to your next show


LOVE the suit bags! And your tent setup for Pawtucket was so lovely. Can't wait to see your new work in person at the Foundry show!


Beautiful bags!!


Welcome back! Those suit bags are so pretty- I love the little bit of lace- it's a nice contrast.


First of all those bags are divine! Second, did you make that quilt that is covering your display table? It is oh so lovely and the fabrics on it are pretty and old fashioned. I love it!


Your stand looks lovely - I wonder how on earth do you get so many bags done at once?! Beautiful, every last one of them!

Glad you got to enjoy some special time with your daughter. Those are the times that lasting memories are made of - for both of you. :)


fabulous stuff!

and great to have you back, keep posting!


Your work always makes me smile. It's just beautiful! And I think I owe you an email, and for that I'm sorry. :(


ooo...your little "boothe" set up is cute...kinda soft and pleasing to the eye....i especially like the paper lanterns hanging above.......and i know how much work involved....been there done it in all kinds of ways and places


girl, i have missed you!
and i just adore these bags! ok, so maybe they were inspired by another, but you have TOTALLY made them your own! yours are much better! oh how i wish i could get my greedy hands on one! :) (((HUGS))) you've been missed! :)

Tiff@Three Peas

I was wondering where you disappeared to. I keep checking my feed for an update. Glad to hear the festival was a sucess!


Yippee! You are back. :) Missed you.


Oh my goodness! What a beautiful collection you created. Bravo! I hope it was very successful.


Wonderful collection of bags on display. What a great looking booth.


What a great collection of bags on display. Beautiful booth.

kristen - gock's frocks

yeah! you are back - I so missed your creativitiy and catching up on life in RI....your bags are TDF gorgeous!!!


i think you may be my favorite bag-maker of all time. the colors in the velveteen/drawing room purse just make me happy.


These bags are gorgeous :)! I admire your sewing skills :D.

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