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October 01, 2008


Sam D.

I have to admit - I hide all my daughter's polly pocket shoes so I don't have to deal with them!


We have the same problem only with Legos - everywhere!! And when they are hidden in the carpets and you step on them - ouch!


Polly Pocket is HUGE compared to her size when my daughter had them. I remember Polly about the height of a fingernail. And we still talk about the missing swan from one the Polly sets. I looked for that darn thing for YEARS.


Oh sweet lord! Are you saying she might still be interested in these 3 years from now? Gah! So sick of picking these up. The worst is the Cinderella one. The "glass slippers" are clear and she cries every time she inevitably loses one.


ummmmm...i may have done the same thing with my vacuum. on "accident" of course- i didn't notice they were there until there was no going back!

Peacock Chic

That is hilarious because the first thought I had was of a CSI episode. Very creepy


I'm not going to say anything because my cousin and I played with Polly Pockets when we were kids. Gifts from Grandma - aren't grannies wonderful?!


Wow, pollys are weird, aren't them?, lol...
Look like little monsters!

Karen H

I have two girls and double the Polly's! We have them in the bathtub, under the bed covers, in the closets, etc.! The little shoes really get on my nerves, and recently I have been throwing them in the trash when my girls are at school. Is that terrible?!

creative busy bee

Hi! I first time to come here. Love so much of your blog and you very creative of sewing BAGS!!!!

Missy Severson

I had promised myself I would not allow polly pocket and her tiny little fashion forward accessories in my house. I mean, who needs a tiny doll who has a more hip wardrobe than I do?
I was winning the Polly battle until a friend gave me a HUGE hand me down bin of Pollys - I counted, there were 48 dolls, countless clothing and accessories, furniture and 3 cars. I do make her keep them in a big rubbermaid bin, and if I find them elsewhere I toss them.


I have a boy AND a girl. That means doll parts AND lego parts..in all corners of the house...in various stages of dismemberment. Mass murder does not begin to describe it.


Around here its Little Pet Shop that's driving me INSANE! You made me giggle with the shower curtain scene. My son has a Spiderman that's about 50cm tall and he has over 70 articulated joints. Some of the positions I find him discarded in make me want to make a to scale spinal board that I can stablilise him on while I call the Ambulance. It makes me feel weak at the knees sometimes! Jen


LOL... I don't know whether to laugh hysterically at the abandoned dead Pollys, or to feel really bad that you have to pick the creepy little things up!! It's like Death of the Dolls. Yikes!

Anyway... still enjoying your blog. Keep it up!

Amanda K

Uuuugh I can't stand polly pockets LOL. Madison has soooo many, and after months and months of finding them and their bits all around the house endlessly I bundled them all up and tossed them out without looking back.


My method of dealing with tiny toys (years ago) was to sweep them into the dust pan and tip them out the back door. Only had to do it a few times and the kids learnt not to leave them lying around! lol


Polly Pockets have been banished from our house!

Your work is amazing, I don't know how you churn out so many great and original creations, it's so fun to stop in and see your latest masterpieces! I haven't visited for a while and scrolled down and was amazed, really! Thanks for sharing!

Mellissa - wondermommy

That is just too funny! I feel exactly the same way. We bought Sid a polly the other day and the shoes were off in the car...didn't even make it home.

It is also disturbing to find full size barbies layed out in the bath that way.


The rule in my house: if I pick it up three times, it gets thrown in the trash. Be firm on this one. Kids learn.


I am laughing my head off right now! So funny!

We have hundreds of dollars worth of these beauties, but luckily my daughter only played/s with them when someone comes over, which is almost never. I should really sell or give them away.

Great post :)



That is too funny :) I feel like a CSI every time I get a parcel, taking photos of it before looking at the contents inside - just in case I want to blog about it! Love the new bags too.
Janelle xx


Ugh, my daughter is into Calico Critters. The critters themselves are not the problem. It is their miniscule accessories. Who thought making accessories the size of microbes was a good idea? And you know she freaks out when one of the little things (like a pacifier almost invisible to the naked eye) goes missing. I actually get down on eye level in the Calico Critter area to make sure I don't vacuum up anything precious.


As disturbing as the various army men I have scattered in my family room.

I'm happy to award you the Scholastic Scribbler Award! Check out my post for details! http://alamodestuff.blogspot.com/2008/11/back-in-saddle.html


My daughter is addicted to these little gals. So much in fact that she put one of their tiny little shoes up her nose. The folks in the ER found it to be quite funny. fortunalty she sneezed that sucker out before the doctor had to extract it. Oh the joys of pollys.


The only encouragement I can give you is that at least they are big enough to pick up. Those crazy things used to be nearly microscopic--no kidding, my daughter kept all of her's and some of them were small enough to fit right up a 4 year old's nose. Don't ask me how I know that.
Love your stuff...

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