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March 06, 2010



Yes, please do post a tutorial! :)


So great to meet you on Friday night! I'm stoked about the guild, I think it'll be heaps of fun.


I vote Yes for the tutorial!!~ There are so many books and files that I can cover up with fabric, but I have no idea how to do that.. And, I m so so afraid that I will make a mess out of it and destroy the book/file...


oh how I miss Rhode Island... sounds like you had a really good weekend, love the fabric loot!

Christy S.

Yes, please post a tutorial - I'd love to see it!


Please, please, please post the tutorial. I would love to try this!


yes tutorial please


You're right - those animals would cry if you put the book back on the shelf!

Tara Miller

I love those fabrics!!!!


would love to see a tut on the binder cover ... your fabric shopping ... i'm sooo envious -- there is, literally, no fabric shopping where i live ... uh, that is, except for joanns!

Jamin Parker

I would loooove a tutorial for the binder. Everything you touch turns out beautifully!


The fabric is amazingly gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you create with it!


a tutorial would be wonderful! I love the pictures of that fabric, so pretty!!

Julie Beck

you know i LIVE in arlington now, right? next time you're in the area give me a call!!


A tutorial would be awesomeee :)
I think that my school binder would look alot better!!


Yes, please post a tutorial for the binder cover. I have a ton of these plain binders around the house. I'd love to cover them and make them stand out.


You must be within hours of me if you're talking about Boston. How cool. I never find bloggers close by me (yeah, I consider 1 state over close. I'm in NY). I would love to see a tutorial on this.

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Great weekend kickoff

Tara Miller

I am coveting all of the above!

permanent magenta

So happy to have discovered your blog!!
Those Echino fabrics make my heart SING! Love the recipe book, I have the very same amnesia when its time to make a shopping list. remarkable:) Thanks for the peek at the fun magazines.

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