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March 07, 2011



I love it.. the border sounds perfect!


It is so gorgeous and yummy! Not too busy at all and I think the border sounds perfect. As for quilting, if I were doing it, I would just do concentric circles over the whole thing. They are my 'comfort' quilting pattern to do, mainly because they work with so many tops. But really, I think they would look great with this one!


I would probably do a diagonal grid, but it's a lot of work...Joanna's suggestion was great, too!

You do have a full year. I am still operating on that myself since two of my friends got married in Nov and I still don't know what I'm doing for them!

boo textiles

I don't think it matters when it's finished. It'll be well worth the wait. Beautiful. xx


omg!!! that quilt is gorgeous! i didn't know you created beautiful quilts as well as beautiful bags! you are the queen bee


I love the colors - Deanna - Skinfizzical.com

Toni Julianelle-Diaz

Really, really lovely. Better any year than never! They'll enjoy it forever. I know I'd sure LOVE any quilt someone as talented as you gave me!! LOL. --take care you.


These colors are awesome! Thank you!

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